Marvel Midnight Suns

We had the opportunity to work with Marvel and help build a web launch campaign for their newest IP, Midnight Suns. We featured the select heroes (Scarlett Witch, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine) putting them front and center as we worked closely with our point of contact to get various animated ad display banners and a web takeover on IGN's website (not displayed). This was a very challenging project as we were strapped on a super tight deadline. In addition to art not being finalized or being changed mid-project, our team had to bring these static versions of art and animate them into HTML banners. Users would be able to hover over the end screen which would accent the CTA for them to engage and click. In the end, the client and our team were happy with what we were able to execute in such a short amount of time.

Reponsibilties: Overseeing animation, working with schedule, and client facing

Client: Marvel
Agency: Liquide + Arcade
Associate Creative Director: Chris Cadiz
Producer: Chris Santos
Sr. Designer/HTML animators: David Cortez,
Jose Cardenas