About Me

I go by Chris, aka Christian. Born and raised native of Los Angeles since '84. I graduated with a BA at Cal State University of Northridge and been working in the entertainment and advertising space for 12+ years.


Creative direction, art direction, brand identity, motion and graphic design, social, photography, and storytelling.


I am a huge fan of pop culture, tech, and design. Usual hobbies consist of video games, an eclectic music lover and photography. I always saw myself venturing into the creative space as a career path hence why I do what I do.


2021 - Chillhop x Final Fantasy Universe
Clio Grand - Partnership Branded Content 
Clio Gold - Partnership & Collboration Campaign
Clio Silver - Games: Original Content
Clio Bronze - Audio/Visual Craft

2018 - Final Fantasy Stormblood
Clio Bronze - Social Good


Sony Pictures, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, WB Games, Square Exix, Atlus Games, Bandai Namco, Netlfix, Hulu, Roku, Starz, Red Bull, Marvel, Legos