Football and Flow

I had the opportunity to work with CrossOVR Collective to help them create a logo for their clients the NFL and UMG (Universal Music Group). Football and Flow is a series that celebrates 50 years of hip hop where football and the hip hop genre collide. The series features hip hop artists and producers such as Ludacris, Hit-Boy, and Rakim as they speak on their favorite moments of the NFL to NFL players and how that resonated with them as they execute their craft.

Reponsibilties: Logo exploration and direction
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Client: NFL and UMG
Agnency: CrossOVR Collective
Creative Director: Walt Brock
Art Director: Chris Cadiz


Alternative Directions

Below are earlier iterations and directions I explored for the logo. The brief was very simple - fit the title "Football and Flow" using the NFL shield or crest. Other directions I explored were to showcase what the logo would look like in a clean lock-up rather than just a container. The use of clean type contrasted with a hand script/tagging style font was the main direction I approached to blend both the football and hip-hop characteristics. Lastly, the third direction was the use of the microphone and wire as an ampersand to bring the bold treatment of the words "Football" & "Flow" together. The client was happy with direction one but, moved to the second direction with a color swap of the accent color from neon green to red to fit more of their colorway.